Technology as foundation

Technology has evolved at a very fast pace during the last decades. We have watched powerfull technologies appearing. The emergence of new technologies has long been recognized as a pillar of economic growth. Any software is only as good as the environment it uses. Having setup an effective environment and using the proper tools can significantly increase the quality of your software ( CI, CI Testing, A/B Testing ) and the time to market.

We believe that unlocking new technologies can lead to viral success and can be a key factor to have advantages over your competitors.

Smart usage of new technology have been a key factor to success in many of our projects. Using new technolgies can be a powerfull foundation to your projects.


We have long term experience in different software technologies.

Native App Development
Progressive Web Apps
NodeJS, VueJS, Mono-Repo Apps
Cross platform development
Cloud computing Technologies



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Stephan Zimmermann